Over the Rainbow, Under the Radar: Electromagnetic Infrastructure and Outpost Architecture in the Arctic

Title: Das Eismeer aus Licht NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day, Feb 8, 2011 Image Credit: © Charles Stankievech + Anna Sophie Springer, 2011 Questions + Requests for permission for publication: studio@stankievech.net

Title: Das Eismeer aus Licht NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day, Feb 8, 2011 Image Credit: © Charles Stankievech + Anna Sophie Springer, 2011 Questions + Requests for permission for publication: studio@stankievech.net

Sunday, May 20
$5 admission

Lecture and audiovisual presentation by Charles Stankievech

Over the Rainbow, Under the Radar is an audiovisual presentation of artist Charles Stankievech’s experience of the Arctic as a hybrid zone of brute reality and fantasy projection. Combining archival material, scientific theories, geopolitical maps and the artist’s own fieldworks, the lecture engages ideas of military colonialism and communication technology embedded in the sublime landscape. Stemming from Stankievech’s time living in Northern Canada and travelling to remote military outposts, Over the Rainbow draws from primary research ranging from his visit to the archives at Massachusetts’s Institute of Technology as well as a residency with the Canadian Department of National Defense at the northernmost settlement in the world (the Signals Intelligence Station ALERT). The resulting material includes images and video taken by the artist published by NASA and commissioned by the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, as well as shown in museums and galleries from Palais de Toyko, Paris to the Musee d’art Contemporain in Montréal. The lecture was originally commissioned for the Phyllis Lambert Seminar 2011 at Université de Montréal.

This event is co-presented by Observatory and SP Weather Station. For more information visit: SP Weather Station

the ephemera: an exhibition by James Walsh

ephemera-text-test-copy1OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, November 5, 2011 7-10 PM
ON VIEW: Sunday, November 6 to Sunday, December 31, 2011
HOURS: Thursday & Friday 3-6, Saturday & Sunday 12-6

Following on my recent shows that have used the exhibition space as a book, this show will both mark the release of a new small-edition artist’s book, the ephemera, and translate that book onto the walls of the gallery.

The text of the book and exhibition is drawn from William Bartram’s Travels through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida (1791), which describes the travails and wonders of his five-year-long botanical expedition through the South. The book played an important part in the formation of the Romantic sensibility and was a particular favorite of Coleridge and his circle. In the section I’ve drawn from, Bartram is descending a small river and witnesses the spectacle of the hatching of the insect scientists call the Ephemera or dayfly, which rises from the water, flies through the air, mates, and dies, all in the space of one day and in such incredible profusion that their bodies blanket the ground like snow. Through this book and show, I’d like to follow Bartram’s lead and use the life of this delicate and short-lived insect to reflect on the beauty and brevity of our own lives.

James Walsh

From Baphomet to Marlene Dietrich: Traversing the Boundless – Modes of Transgression and Transcending Duality

marlene_dietrich_gallery_4An illustrated presentation by Frater Puck
Date: Thursday, August 11th
Time: 8pm
Admission: $5
Presented by Phantasmaphile

Tonight, Frater Puck will present a brief, illustrated discourse on methods of the exploration of taboos, boundaries, and cognition itself, as intimated in Art, Culture and the Occult.

From Aleister Crowley’s Abbey of Thelema, to the Aktionists in Austria, an impulse to revolutionize Society through the transmutation of the Taboo, and the unification of Opposites, exists among the vanguard in fields of Art and Occultism. This transmutation begins with the individual, however, and this impulse hints at an integral desire to transcend all limitations. Fascination with the Androgyne, be it personified by Marlene Dietrich, or Baphomet, speaks to this innate impulse. This lecture explores these implications and ventures to discuss practical application towards the Great Work.

Bio: Frater Puck has been a member of Ordo Templi Orientis for 17 years and has proudly served locally, regionally and nationally his brethren in the Cause of Freedom. He has served as Treasurer of Tahuti Lodge in New York City (1995 EV – 2000 EV) and Master of Tahuti Lodge (2000 EV – 2005 EV). From 2000-2010 EV, he has been a member of the Membership Committee and Committee of Four of Tahuti Chapter R&C. He has been a Chartered Initiator and Ordained E.G.C. Priest since 1998 EV and is a Certified Initiator Trainer. He is a member of the Mentorship Program as well.

He is currently a co-organizer and co-host of the OTO USGL Podcast, Thelema NOW!, and is a co-organizer and co-founder of the Musicka Mystica Maxima Festival, arranged under the Auspices of the OTO, bringing together a diverse group of Occultists and Musicians.

Real and Sham Natural History

burrough164-ltr-crpDate: Thursday, March 17
Time: 8:00
Admission: $5

Poet Joshua Beckman and artist James Walsh will discuss John Burroughs’ controversial 1903 essay “Real and Sham Natural History.” After a short introduction to Burroughs the man and the writer, they will read from the essay and from the offending, delightful animal stories it criticizes, and they’ll discuss the controversy and some of the larger issues of fact and fiction it raised.

Burroughs was then at the height of his fame and influence, and was known for his gentle, intimate, closely-observed nature essays. The nature essay, and particularly stories about animals, had become enormously popular, but Burroughs felt that many of the writers had very little direct experience of nature and simply pretended that the animals are just like us. He wrote “Real and Sham Natural History” to set the record straight but he wasn’t prepared for the bitter controversy it unleashed in the popular press. The controversy raged until 1907 when Rough Rider and President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt came to Burroughs’ defense in his article “Nature Fakers,” which effectively ended the debate.

A Voyage to the Arctic

dsc_0028-copyAn artist’s talk with writer and artist James Walsh
Date: Tuesday, January 18
Time: 8:00
Admission: $5

Artist and writer James Walsh will talk about the making of his current installation, The Arctic Plants of New York City, and its place in his larger project of discovering the surprising number of plants that are common to both New York City and the arctic. As an introduction to the project and a demonstration of how it evolved, Walsh will read selections from a series of letters he wrote to friend while his plans for the project were just beginning to form. After that, he will speak a little about how the plants, texts, and images he collected were distilled down into the present installation.